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Tips for Preparing Your Home for the Holiday Season

Tips for Preparing Your Home for the Holiday Season

Yes, you read that headline correctly! Although fall has just arrived and Halloween candy hasn’t even been cleared from store shelves in Denver and the surrounding communities, the holiday season will be here before you know it, bringing the usual wintry weather and hectic schedule.

Holiday preparations involve more than just baking cookies and hanging decorations.

To get ready for decking the halls and welcoming guests in November and December, our oil boiler replacement experts recommend some simple home maintenance, starting now.

Add these four tasks to your to-do list this fall, and enjoy less stress around the house during the holidays!

Clear Away Clutter

Still have the summer deck furniture, picnic, and sports gear scattered throughout the house and garage? Need to clean out your closet and make way for a new, cold-weather wardrobe? Fall is a great time to declutter your home. While rearranging furniture or switching rugs, it’s especially important to make sure nothing is blocking air vents or, if you have a fireplace, the hearth.

Rent a storage unit if you don’t have enough space, or donate anything you can no longer use.

Assess Your Safety Situation

Check smoke and carbon monoxide detectors to make sure they’re functioning and filled with fresh batteries. Make sure your fire extinguishers are in place, and if your home is outfitted with a fire sprinkler system, now’s a good time to have it inspected.

Are there spots in or around the home that might become slippery when the weather turns cold? Consider installing no-slip mats in those places.


Drafty windows and doors are a huge culprit when it comes to wasted energy and escalating heating bills in the cold-weather months. Pipes without proper insulation can freeze and create a huge mess. Fall is the ideal time to refresh the insulation around pipes in areas where your heater doesn’t reach, and to shore up the caulking and weatherstripping around entryways.

Give Your HVAC System Some TLC

No matter how great your house looks or how tasty your holiday menu might be, none of it will matter if your heater conks out, your toilet backs up, or your water heater breaks down. Creating a cozy environment for your loved ones to enjoy requires showing your HVAC, plumbing, and electrical systems a little bit of love.

Check out this infographic for a rundown of four of the most important home maintenance tasks to perform this fall.

Fortunately, with Blue Sky Plumbing in the neighborhood, you don’t have to do any of that dirty work yourself. Our experts provide top-notch heating, plumbing, and electrical maintenance services throughout the Denver area, including residential and commercial furnace repair service in Evergreen and the surrounding communities.

Don’t wait until the snow starts falling and your social calendar fills up to give us a call and schedule a visit. Act now! You’ll thank us later.

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