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Air Conditioning Maintenance in Lakewood

At Blue Sky Plumbing, we get a lot of questions about our AC maintenance services. Homeowners wonder if they really need to pay a professional to take care of their air conditioner once a year. They wonder if they could spend that money better somewhere else.

Guess what? We don’t mind these questions! In fact, we would love to help you find the answers that you need for your cooling system in Lakewood. Here’s some information to help you decide whether to invest in having an AC tune up done this year!

Our AC Maintenance Checklist

Our air conditioning maintenance services are extremely comprehensive. We’ll do everything we can do to check your cooling system for safe and proper functioning. Each AC maintenance service visit includes our technicians doing the following:

  • Checking your thermostat for proper calibration and making sure it is away from heat sources.
  • Inspecting and tightening essential electrical connections affecting your air conditioning unit.
  • Lubricating any moving parts that need it.
  • Ensuring that your A/C unit turns on, cools, and turns off appropriately.
  • Changing or cleaning your air filter.
  • Testing each component of your air conditioner to make sure they are all working as the manufacturer designed them to work.
  • Cleaning out dust and debris that can make your air conditioner inefficient.
  • Checking refrigerant levels and operating pressures.
  • Looking for exposed wiring.
  • Inspecting ductwork for energy loss.

If we find any problems with your air conditioner, we’ll make sure they get fixed before you need to rely on the unit to cool your home. No matter what it takes, we’ll tune up your AC and get it running well before we leave!

Is An AC Tune Up Worth It?

In the end, it’s up to you. Is it worth a small fee to reap the following benefits?

Improved energy use. When your air conditioner works more efficiently, it will use less energy.
Lower energy bills. Using less energy means that you won’t pay as much to cool your home this summer.
Less frequent AC replacement. When your air conditioner is working efficiently, it experiences less wear and tear. Thus, A/C maintenance can add years to its life.
Increased peace of mind. When you know your A/C is running well, you won’t worry about it as much or wonder every day whether it’s going to turn on.
Fewer breakdowns. We’ll find problems before they become a big deal so your A/C unit will be less likely to break down.

Lakewood’s Top AC Tune Up Service

Many of our customers find AC maintenance well worth the relatively small fee we charge to do it. If you’d like to invest in your home and your family’s comfort, call Blue Sky Plumbing about air conditioning maintenance today! Our Lakewood heating experts are waiting to come out and get your cooling system operating at its peak efficiency!

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