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Whole House Surge Protection in Denver

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Protect Your Home with Whole-Home Surge Protection

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In Denver, we have some crazy Spring weather that brings lightning and heavy storms.  These storms can wreak havoc on your home. You have invested a lot of your money on electronics, gaming equipment, computers, appliances, HVAC systems, hot tubs,  TV’s, etc, why not invest in equipment that will protect it from a power surge?

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But I Invest in Power Strips.

A lot of homeowners believe that a power strip can offer the same protection as a whole-home surge protector but these are referred to as surge suppressors.  What that means is they can help with a power surge but would not protect your home in the case of a direct lightning hit.

Surge protectors offer protection in amounts called joules.  Over time, the number of joules can decrease. If your home has had a major power surge you may want to replace your Whole Home Surge Protector because they can wear out over time. Large appliances such as AC units and refrigerators can also kick power spikes down to your electronics and damage them over time.

Benefits of Whole Home Surge Protection:

  • Reduces the damage done to equipment during a power surge so you do not have to replace it.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs related to power surges
  • Affordable-Whole Home Surge protectors are affordable.
  • Some surge protectors offer a warranty on your electronics that are connected to it. This is like an insurance policy!
  • Power spikes can affect phone and cable lines too.  Whole-Home Surge Protectors can help.
  • Saves you thousands of dollars in damaged equipment

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