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Electrical Panel Upgrades and Panel Replacement

Electrical Panel Upgrades and Panel Replacement

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If you live in Denver and close vicinity there is a good chance that your electrical panel has never been upgraded or replaced. Before we discuss what a panel upgrade or replacement entails let’s talk about some of the reasons why you would need to replace your Electrical Panel?

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Questions To Ask Before Replacing Your Electrical Panel:

  1. Is your electrical panel older than 25+ years?
  2. Do you find that a lot of the breakers are getting tripped?
  3. Is there any noticeable scorching or rust on the actual panel?
  4. Flickering lights or other appliances?
  5. Small electric shocks when touching appliances?
  6. Scorch marks or burning around any of the electrical outlets?
  7. The smell of burning?
  8. Is your electrical panel hot?

Adding Appliances, AC Unit or a Hot Tub?

In addition to the above reasons, a lot of homeowners find that when they upgrade their home to modern appliances or perhaps a hot tub or new air conditioning unit that their older electrical panel does have the capacity to handle the new appliances. If this is the case, the breakers will keep tripping.

Home Remodel?

Another example would be adding a basement or an addition to your current home. The extra power that is needed might be too much for the existing electrical panel. This might require for you to invest in an electrical panel upgrade.

Do You Have a Fuse Box in Your Home?

The main difference between a fuse box and a circuit breaker is that fuses are singe-use. They actually melt when the current gets too high. When a circuit trips you can simply re-set it vs the fuse that will have to be replaced. Fuse boxes can definitely be a cause for safety concerns and also be a reason that an insurance company decides not to cover your home.

Electrical panel replacements and upgrades make sense for many homeowners. 20 years ago we didn’t have as many electronics, gadgets, cell phones and computers that needed to be charged every night, modern appliances, TVs in every room, gaming equipment, etc. Take a look around your home and notice if you have to use a lot of electrical power strips to plug everything into because there are not enough outlets? The great news is we can come to your home and assess if a new electrical panel is needed.

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